Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Doctor is [IN]

Day four. I haven't eaten since before the crash. At night I can hear the drums. I think they are getting closer. Tomorrow I will try to swim for it.

As you can see, I'm getting pretty bored talking to myself. Today I took some measures to increase my traffic.

First, I signed up to Technorati. I'm not 100% sure what this does, but someday it may generate hits. You will notice a button on the top right-hand side of this page asking you to add this blog to your Technorati favorites? I'm fairly certain that is where the magic happens. I could be wrong.

Second, I added the nifty little e-referrer widget underneath the blogroll. Now, everytime someone visits me from a link on another site, the referrers link will automatically be added to that list. Aha! My lazyness knows no bounds! Thank you magic internet widgets for making it happen. Hmm, I am starting to see a pattern here. Each one of these latest additions seem to rely on people visiting my site. Oh well, I can't get hung up on that now.

Third, I googled "link exchange blogger", or something simular and found this page. Now we are getting somewhere! Maybe. I promptly added them to my blogroll and shot off an email asking for them to return the favor. Actually, the All American Blogger site looks top notch. It'll probably end up being one of my daily stops. You should check it out sometime. Who am I kidding? If you are reading this, you probably came from there in the first place.

Finally, I submitted a sitemap file to Google Webmaster Tools. This will make it easier for the Google spiders to crawl around my site (eek!). It takes awhile to kick in, but any day now when someone googles "Wilford Brimley Swallowed a Frog", mine should be one of the top links found. I'm guessing that should be good for at least 5,000 hits a day? Easily.

Now I'll sit back and let my plan unfold. Step one is just about complete.

Step 1. Collect underpants Create blog
Step 2. ???
Step 3. Profit

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