Sunday, September 21, 2008

Politics and Booze Don’t Mix

unless you don't give a crap

BDS. Bush Derangement Syndrome. If you cross paths with a BDS sufferer, it is best to avoid eye contact. If you have a few beers in you, it is permissible to engage conversation with a BDS sufferer, for entertainment purposes.

Last night, I had the opportunity to converse with one of these angry little creatures. We crossed paths at a bowling alley. That's right, I said bowling. I'm from Western PA. When we aren't clinging to our guns and religion, we put on funny shoes and get hammered smashed. It's how we deal with our bitterness.

I would like to say I fought the good fight and he went straight home to delete the Daily Kos from his bookmarks. But, of course, that didn't happen. You know as well as I do there is no reasoning with these yo-yos. It is best just to have a little fun with them. For instance:

BDS guy: "Bush lied to get us into this war!"
Me: "The war in VietNAM?"

Yes. I used my best Forrest Gump voice when I said it. Forrest rocks! I think it was at this point he realized I wasn't taking him seriously. I wouldn't know. The Forrest Gump line ignited a barrage of movie quotes between my friends and I. Eventually, we turned to South Park quotes ... as usual. It's another thing bitter people cling to.

** In case you are interested, I made the graphic (which is a fairly accurate depiction) using this site. Their "send to a friend" thingy seemed a bit shady, so I just did a screen capture and cut the image from that.

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