Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How Come Republicans Can Not Get Any Good Bands To Show Up?

Hey, how exactly is a rainbow made? I'm sorry. Joe Dirt joke.

Fox News had this article up today. Simple answer? Most artists are liberal. It's no secret. Bleeding hearts and tree huggers.

I take offence to this though:

It's been nearly 30 years since Charlie Daniels had a hit with "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," but any hit is better than no hit. The GOP trots out Charlie and his fiddle every election season, rocking like it's '79 all over again.

Just last year I saw Charlie Daniels when he came to Pittsburgh (Burgettstown, actually, but close enough) with his Volunteers Jam. He brought The Marshal Tucker Band and The Outlaws with him. It was an awesome show. The last couple of numbers featured all three bands on the stage at one time just jamming. One of the songs they played together was "In America" and you could feel the patriotism running through the crowd. Just a bunch of Western PA rednecks having a grand 'ole time.

Charlie has a great website actually. He gets up on his soapbox and tells the truth about the liberals, the troops, and whatever else is on his mind. Here is an excerpt from one of my favorites. It's an old one, directed toward the Hollywood crowd and Sean Penn in particular from when Sean went on his "fact finding" mission leading up to Operation Iraqi Freedom:

Barbara Streisand's fanatical and hateful rankings about George Bush makes about as much sense as Michael Jackson hanging a baby over a railing. You people need to get out of Hollywood once in a while and get out into the real world. You'd be surprised at the hostility you would find out here. Stop in at a truck stop and tell an overworked, long distance truck driver that you don't think Saddam Hussein is doing anything wrong. Tell a farmer with a couple of sons in the military that you think the United States has no right to defend itself. Go down to Baxley, Georgia and hold an anti-war rally and see what the folks down there think about you. You people are some of the most disgusting examples of a waste of protoplasm I've ever had the displeasure to hear about. Sean Penn, you're a traitor to the United States of America. You gave aid and comfort to the enemy. How many American lives will your little, "fact finding trip" to Iraq cost? You encouraged Saddam to think that we didn't have the stomach for war. You people protect one of the most evil men on the face of this earth and won't lift a finger to save the life of an unborn baby. Freedom of choice you say?

You tell 'em Charlie!. I'll take you over Bruce Springsteen any day of the week. I bought his book a few years ago. It is basically a collection of postings that you can probably find in his archives, but well worth whatever I paid for it at the time. So go on over to Charlie's Soapbox. You won't be disappointed. You might even be as pleasantly surprised as I was the first time I stumbled on it years ago.

Here is Charlie performing "In America" after 9-11-01. The video quality isn't the best, but the content is top notch.

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