Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Miss Teen Louisiana, Wendys Anniversary Menu, Jim Norton, Orson Scott Card


Miss Teen Louisiana was arrested at an area Wendy's today. She is accused of trying to steal the newly released book, "I Hate Your Guts!" by comedian Jim Norton. A witness, noted author Orson Scott Card, stated, "Why anyone would want to even buy that book, let alone steal it is beyond me."

Asked to elaborate, the author noted, "I just don't get his humor. The angry little potty mouth thing was old when Lenny Bruce was doing it."

Unrelated, the scams salad on the new Wendy's Anniversary Menu are delicious!

Source: Rhinoceros Times

Confused yet? I wanted to try something different. You see, I'll readily admit that I'm a little bit obsessed with hit counts. I bet every new blogger is. Probably even some of the veteran bloggers. So, I decided to take a look at the current popular Google search terms and make a cheesy story from them.

If you were tricked into coming to this site .... haha! Check out the rest of the site and click lots of things on the sidebars before you leave! If you're a poor sport, one of these is probably what you are looking for:

Miss Teen Louisiana
Orson Scott Card
I Hate Your Guts Jim Norton
Rhinoceros Times

Seriously though, the Orson Scott Card open letter to journalists is a must read.

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