Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mmmm, Chicken

a whole boat load of it

I'm getting ready to watch the debate, just like everyone else. Bill O'Rielly is smacking Barney Frank around.

I can't tell if Barney reminds me of Buddy Hackett or Mickey Rooney. Maybe a mixture of both. It is possible I'm confusing both of them with Ernest Borgnine. Let's go to the tape.

Too close to call. Let's move on.

I really have no idea what Bill and Barney are yelling about. Something about the economy. Is there a problem with the economy? Bill should really keep his show focused on the issues. You can rest assured that this blog will only cover the stories that matter. For instance:

KFC Fines Woman for Staying Too Long to Gorge on Fast Food.
Some British lady was two-fisting chicken legs while the meter was running in the parking lot. The article didn't include any pictures of her, thankfully, but it did manage to capture a 'before' picture of the bucket before she descended upon it.

You know something? I do have a photo of this woman, but she was calling herself Marge then.

Here comes the debate. Go Sarah!

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