Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama and Ayers Shared an Office for Three Years

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While the old media is busy looking into Joe the Plumbers history, the new media is looking into Obama's relationship with William Ayers.

Crossing Paths Daily: Obama and Ayers Shared an Office (Update: For Three Years)

Obama and his wife were associated with Ayers and his wife from at least 1995 when Obama was hired to run the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (for which Ayers wrote the grant and served on the board) to 2001 when Ayers was serving on the board of the Woods foundation with Obama. That's a long time...

Will people care? Probably not. After all, the bombings happened when Obama was only eight years old. A ridiculous argument. In fact, I submit it is an argument an eight year old would make. Well played, Obama.

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