Monday, October 13, 2008

Trackbacks Enabled, Thanks Haloscan

that wasn't so bad

I was having some trouble with Blogger's trackback system. The problem, from what I understand is that Blogger takes an entirley different approach to trackbacks than the rest of the blogging world. I'm not going to get into it all right now. Google "blogger trackback", or something simuliar. Have fun.

Anyway, I signed up for Haloscan. Trackbacks are working now. I used Basil's blog as my guinee pig. Heh. Sorry about that Basil! The soreness will go away soon.

Also, comments are now run through Haloscan. As a result all of my previous comments are gone. There is probably a way to get them back, but, to be honest with you, I'm over it already. Sorry Justin. That soreness will go away as well, but it might sting for a bit.

Haloscan also provided the new star ratings. Yay.

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