Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Billy Club Wielding Security Gaurds at Philly Polls

Just got back from the polls. Counted. Unfortunately, I don't feel very confident about McCain winning Pennsylvania. Just the sense I got around my workplace today. My department leans toward Obama. At least me and a few of my coworkers will cancel some of those out.

Then, there are these stories coming out of Philadelphia. It's your first look at the civilian security force Obama wants to build in the U.S.

Here’s the vid of billy club-wielding “security” guards at the 1221 Fairmount Ave. polling place in Philly from Election Journal. Just as I suspected, these guys look like NBPP from the emblem on one of the “guard’s” jackets.

NBPP stands for the New Black Panther Party, in case you didn't know. Click the link, check out the video. Voter intimidation? I can see it.

On a lighter side, a photo of Obama's ballot was leaked today. My younger brother released it on his blog, coolerthanyou.org :

I sure hope that is still funny tomorrow. Deep breaths, happy thoughts. Midgets on tricycles. Ahhhh.

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