Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hope For the Best

but plan to beg for change

Long winded speeches, full of hope and change, yet somehow devoid of detail. The grueling primaries gave us more debates than I care to count. Still, Obama kept his cards close to his chest, like a stony faced poker player, refusing to offer the slightest tell of what his actual policies would look like.

Maybe we underestimated him? The media has been telling us all along how utterly brilliant he is. Maybe they were right and we were wrong?

Today Obama lay down one of his cards. In a small school room setting he articulated his plan for the economy. He demonstrated, so succinctly, his plan that there remains no question what an Obama Presidency will mean for our economic future.

Personally, I would have went for plan A. Good thing I'm not running for President.

Btw, All American Blogger added me to their Directory of Blogs today. W00t!! I'm buzzworthy.

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