Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Jam Handy Production

the name oozes quality

A while ago I saw a short film on Mystery Science Theater 3000. It was A Case of Spring Fever. The magic of the Internet allows me to post it here.

The video by itself is funny. Deliciously absurd, I would call it. MST3k makes it hilarious. It was made by a guy named Jam Handy. No, really. He was an interesting guy, actually. Kind of a poor man's Howard Hughes.

He produced short films for General Motors, the Armed Services (during World War II), and many others for schools and other companies. They all have a feel that takes me back to grade school. You can almost hear the projector running in the background. Grade school, for me, was the late seventies, early eighties. Yes, the films they sometimes showed us were probably from the fifties and sixties. I imagine it's very different today. Shame.

Jam Handy was also an Olympic Swimmer. Check out his Wiki Page. He was an interesting guy.

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