Monday, November 10, 2008

Election Over, Ayers, Wright & Farrakhan Emerge

wright on cue

The Election Party is barely over and, right on cue, Obama's shady associations start crawling out of the woodwork. Is anyone surprised?

Farrakhan: "I feel freer today to say the things that are in my heart," said the controversial religious leader.
Do you mean the stuff you have been spewing for years hasn't come from your heart? Now we can look forward to hearing what he really thinks. Oh goodie.
Wright: "The media didn't care about the whole sermon and what it was about. They just used those 10 seconds and used it as a weapon of mass destruction against [Obama's] campaign."
How exactly do you take "God D*** America!" out of context?
Ayers: “It’s all guilt by association,” Ayers said. “They made me into a cartoon character -- they threw me up onstage just to pummel me."
I wish someone threw you up on stage and pummeled you. Heck, I would pay money to watch it. Somebody call Fox and tell them we have their next reality tv show for them. Actually, you should be getting pummeled right now by some guy named Bubba in Cell Block C.

Also, this:
Obama's former pastor says media exploited him.

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