Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grenade camera to aid UK troops

it would sure aid our troops if we gave our reporters splodey cameras

Saw this on IMAO

A "grenade" camera, that would enable soldiers to look into hazardous areas, is being developed for UK troops.

Dubbed the I-Ball the wireless device is robust enough to survive being thrown onto a battlefield.

The I-Ball's internal camera gives a 360 degree view, with images being sent from the instant it is launched.

It is thought the new technology would enable soldiers to see into potential danger spots without putting themselves at risk of ambush.
The West will always have the upper hand because of innovations such as this.

For instance, look at the Israel / Palestine conflict. Back in 2003, the Israelis were developing this:

The CornerShot: Makes Tight Corners an Advantage

Meanwhile, the other side of that conflict is still using these:

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